Road Training

Wheelsport will make every reasonable effort to accommodate men and women of all ages by using routes of different lengths and difficulty. This decision will be made on ride day and will depend on how many and who shows up for the ride.


Ride Policy: Approved, well-fitting helmets are mandatory. All riders are required to bring a pump, spare tube, patch kit, water, food/energy bar, and a few $$ for emergency food. All riders will be asked to sign a release prior to the ride. All junior riders not accompanied by their parent MUST bring a signed USCF/Wheelsport release complete with ALL emergency contact information. There are two types of releases: one for road training sessions and one for track training sessions. Both can be downloaded from this WCT web site. Be sure you bring a signed copy of the appropriate release. Fenders with long rear courtesy flaps are required in the rain.

Saturdays, 10AM, Kent Russell Road Park, (intersection of Russel Road and James Street - see here for a map), two to three hours, routes vary.

Sundays, 8AM, Bob Kaye's house in Black Diamond, three to four and a half hours, all weather, usually.

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